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The process for board certification is simple and consists of the completion of an application and the meeting of the following requirements:
  • completion of an accredited allergy / immunology fellowship program in the United States.
  • a valid medical license and a physician in good standing without any convictions or mending disciplinary action by any state medical board
  • completion of an application - please call us to receive an application
  • a fee for completing the exam

All board certifying organizations for physicians are private entities that exist under their own set of policies and protocols.  Medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, etc.) may choose to recognize or require board certification for physicians to work in those environments.  We have been recognized as a reasonable and credible organization by many entities according to our diplomates.  However, we cannot guarantee or mandate that any entity recognizes the National Board of Clinical Medicine over or in addition to any other board certifying organization.

Practicing allergists/immunologists have developed the content of the National Board of Clinical Medicine questions.  Sources of these questions are clearly listed in the certification question packet.