The program is based upon a clinical exam tailored to practicing allergists/immunologists. Sources of examination questions will be provided to the examinee, and the exam will need to be completed within a defined timeframe. All testing information is in accordance with clinical practice parameters of the Joint Task Force for Allergy and Immunology and peer reviewed medical literature representing the standard of care for allergy and immunology.  Certification will not be time-limited but the examinee will have documentation as to when the exam was taken and passed.

For those who desire or are in need of a recertification process, a recertification exam is available for examinees. Also, for those who require some type of continuous certification, a Continuous Update of Certification ™ program is available. All of these programs are similar in the sense that they review clinical topics in a format reflective of the current practices of clinical allergists/immunologists.

Allergists/Immunologists who have received board certification from other organizations may receive certification from the National Board of Clinical Medicine after review of their initial certification.