About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Board of Clinical Medicine™ is to develop and provide doctors and patients cutting edge standards for board certification. With board certification and other educational offerings by the National Board of Clinical Medicine™, doctors will demonstrate that they have acquired a set of knowledge integral to professional care of patients for their clinical specialty. The National Board of Clinical Medicine™ is committed to transparency, clinical and practical medicine, and cost effective program management.

Program Overview Introduction

The National Board of Clinical Medicine™ has been established to offer physicians in the United States the opportunity for a program of board certification/recertification and continuous update of certification. The purpose of the National Board of Clinical Medicine™ is to offer a voluntary process by which participants may show a level of competence with regard to major topics of knowledge in a specific specialty of medicine. The design of this program can be specific for each subspecialty and may be driven in part by committee members of each developed subspecialty.


There is no expiration date for board certification from the National Board of Clinical MedicineTM.  Doctors should, and for the most part are, constantly keeping their clinical knowledge up to date by seeing and appropriately taking care of their patients. That is the most improtant factor in keeping excellent doctors excellent. Good doctors work daily and practice medicine the best when they not only learn new pieces of knowledge from books, but also when they interact with other doctors, access internet-based educational resources, and ask questions of other experts in the field.